From pirouettes to entrepreneurship – My story

I trained as a classical ballet dancer and joined the English National Ballet, danced around the world and had a career highlight performing Romeo and Juliette for a season at the Royal Albert Hall and then touring Australia.  I travelled the world, made lifelong friends and danced, danced, danced. 

Bye bye tutu; hello suit 

Missing home and increasingly aware that my dancing career was not sustainable, I hung up my dance shoes at 24, headed home. With no  office experience, I was scared that I’d never be able to get a job.  Thankfully, I met a very encouraging recruitment consultant who helped me identify some my transferrable skills – discipline, hard work and attention to detail – which my dance training had instilled. 

I’ve worked in a Barristers’ Chambers, as an assistant to a lawyer at a Fund Management Company and finally joined Baronsmead Partners. That was a game changer. 

What I learned at Baronsmead – my first insurance job 

Baronsmead offered insurance services for Asset Managers.  I joined and was quickly promoted to the marketing team, ending up as a Director of our Cayman subsidiary company Baronsmead International.  I stayed at Baronsmead for 6 years and will be forever grateful for what I learned there – that customer service is the key to a good business. I left to start a family. 

The insurance claim which changed my life 

One night in early December 2012 we called an ambulance for my dad who was very ill.  At 5.30 am, when we returned to my parent’s house, we saw that the door had been smashed in and the entire house ransacked.  Every room had been damaged, the Christmas presents stolen, my Mum’s jewellery & my Dad’s watch – gone. 

In amongst getting the door fixed and calling the police, I took the responsibility of dealing with the insurance company. 

We put the claim in in mid-December 2012 and my dad sadly passed away in May 2013. My mum only received a partial settlement and that wasn’t until August 2013. It was a constant fight, a constant upset, a constant reminder of why insurance had such a bad name & how shocking customer service can be. 

Obsessive about customer service

My parents’ claim was a turning point for me, and one of the reasons why client service is so important to me at Condor Private Clients. I could not believe how badly my family were treated at such a difficult time and thought there had to be a better way to look after people.  

With my children growing up, we launched Condor Private Clients at the end of 2017.  We now work with individuals, families and employers to provide expert insurance advice, tailored products and access to insurers who sit at the forefront of the Emerging Wealth & High Net Worth insurance market. 

What sets us apart? Our proven insurance expertise + unrivalled levels of professional care, and advocating fast, fuss free, claims handling.

Posted 25th June 2020

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